Day 180: KATAHDIN.

Day 180 October 11th Miles Hiked: 5.0 AT Milage: 2,192.0 Miles Last night was yet another very cold night despite my attempt to warm up my sleeping bag via the "hot rocks" method. Regardless, TODAY IS THE DAY! I was feeling very excited and anxious to get above tree-line on Katahdin, to rest my eyes... Continue Reading →

Day 172: Monson

Day 172 October 3rd A Zero in Monson Miles Hiked: Zero AT Milage: 2077.5 Today is my last zero day in town. There is only 115 miles between myself and Katahdin. First I will have to go through the 100 mile wilderness, and then I will enter Baxter State Park where I will spend my... Continue Reading →

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