Winter Backpacking Tips

Here is a collection of winter backpacking tips I have found by researching and have tested out myself. Bring two sleeping pads - use the foam cell one closest to the ground and an inflatable one on top of it Have a designated set of dry clothes- wear these clothes while at camp and when... Continue Reading →


Data I would like to potentially collect and analyze for my AT thru hike

While I am on the AT I plan to record certain data daily so I can analyze them at the end of my hike for my own entertainment and to give other hikers information. Here are some of the things I want to track. If you have any other interesting ideas please leave them in... Continue Reading →

20 Fun Facts About Me

I am a 20 year old senior in college at Ohio State My two pet weiner dogs are named Maisy and Jojo... you can follow Maisy on Instagram at @maisy_mae_219 Sloths are my favorite animals I work as a tech on a surgical trauma intermediate care unit I am a long distance runner hopefully running... Continue Reading →

Backpacking Bucket List

This is my bucket list of some backpacking trails I would love to do. I'm slowly finding more and starting to compile a list of them along with links. If you have any suggestions especially of a good loop or shorter trail please leave a comment! Arkansas Buffalo River Trail California John Muir Trail -... Continue Reading →

Ohio Caverns 5/2/18

Jeff and I visited Ohio Caverns in May as part of a staycation in Columbus. These caverns, located in West Liberty Ohio, are known as America's most colorful caverns and rightly so. We did both the historic tour and the natural wonder tour. If you take the time to visit this place I definitely recommend... Continue Reading →

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