Day 29: Back to Ohio

Day 29 Big Bald Mountain to Erwin, TN Miles Hiked: 16.9 AT Milage: 344.3 After barely sleeping all night, I got everyone up at 6am. We wanted to get on trail as early as possible because we were planning on driving home to Ohio from Erwin, TN where Emma and Caroline parked their car before... Continue Reading →


Day 28: Late Start, Later Night

Day 28 Flint Mountain Shelter to Bald Mountain Shelter Miles Hiked: 18.9 AT Milage: 327.4 This morning we got out of camp so late. It's the latest I've ever started a day on the Appalachian trail and I've only ever started later when I was on a trip with 8 other people. Starting the day... Continue Reading →

Day 27: Competition

Day 27 Little Laurel Shelter to Flint Mountain Shelter Mike's Hiked: 14 AT Milage: 308.5 This morning I got out of my sleeping bag at 6:15 and we all got on trail at 7:05. Everyone else in the shelter was still sleeping except Spider who got on trail about 15 minutes before we did. We... Continue Reading →

Day 25: Hot Springs, NC

Day 25 Deer Park Shelter to Spring Mountain Shelter Miles Hiked: 14.2 AT Milage: 285.9 This morning we all woke up around 6am in the shelter. I felt something crawling inside my shirt. I went to scratch it and I grabbed a bug inside my sleeve. I whipped off my shirt as fast as I... Continue Reading →

Day 24: Cozy Corner

Day 24 Roaring Fork Shelter to Deer Park Mountain Shelter Miles Hiked: 14.7 AT Milage: 271.7 Today was a great day of hiking. I got on trail a bit before 8am. I caught up to a guy named Noah who I hiked with for a day near Wayah Bald. I was surprised to see him... Continue Reading →

Day 23: Max Patch

Day 23 Painters Branch to Roaring Fork Shelter Miles Hiked: 13.3 AT Milage: 257.0 This morning I hiked out of camp significantly later. I am not living up to my name of "Early Bird". The first 2 miles up to snowbird peak were steep. Kentucky caught up to me and hiked with me to the... Continue Reading →

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